About us || Bfin  || IT research, development, security and hosting. facilitating client software development, management and hosting

BFIN SASU (HQ France) Reg n° 535217731 RCS Montpellier
  BFIN LTD Head quarters (HQ) for marketing, sales & technical support
 BFIN IT PVT LTD (BFIN South Asia Development company )  Registration n° C –150397/2019 – Bangladesh

We facilitate client development software, website creation design maintenance and hosting from fully and self managed server hosting, pure WP website maintenance and hosting. VPS fully managed hosting.

BFIN hosting plans from 9.07 Monthly with up to 30% on yearly term subscriptions. 

Clients Software developed  :

GL accounting; Payroll; Payroll HR extension; Invoice application; IFRS. HR, Office applications wordsxtra word doc creator, PDF converter, SN-to notes by SMS, chat text from any laptop mobile device, cloud vault software hosting, cyber security, firewall security

BFIN hosting pack with secured firewall from

Fully or self managed dedicated server hosting

Dedicated VPS fully managed hosting

Fully managed or self managed with assistance Pure website hosting

WP website development, design, maintenance and hosting



Researching cyber protection, affordable for all firewall advance software (pare-feu protection) to protect networks, dedicated server, dedicated software service systems.