Best Accounting software for small business, SME Accounting. Easy accounting software.

Small Business Accounting ,SME Accounting. easy accounting, invoicing from any device, quote, invoice to email client direct with payment link, includes all accounting modules invoice, purchases, expenses, journals, reporting. auto process bank to accounting, auto fill tax reports…multi access.

1. Invoicing, bookkeeping & accounting assistance

With soft drive online accounting software, a proximate expert is available on request to provide support. The soft drive – accounting platform for professionals. assures all SME clients, each has access to an proximate professional accountant direct on request or softdrive will take that responsibility until you have chosen one from the available list.

All Accounting software assistance according to your accounting software features. Verbal & online bookkeeping and accounting correction direct onto your account & report editing assistance by your soft drive professional member designated accounting expert on request via Skype or email.

Online available verbal assistance for all inquiries.

2. Technical assistance

For all products the technical assistance is continued for technical issues.

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3. Migration free service from other software supplier to SoftDrive

Softdrive may assist with the transfer of all your existing bookkeeping and invoicing data free of charge. If you are using another accounting software provider, you can transfer all your small business data to soft drive with our help, we do it all for you, just supply us the CSV file. Or, if you use spreadsheets like Excel, you can import data such as invoices, customers and transactions quickly and easily.

4. Accounting regulation

International for all accounting regulations: covering IAS, IFRS, GAAP standards for even Small business reporting regulations. Accounting is an International standard is a governed procedure and processing system to keep records of all your business transactions. Normally your country regulators has additional rules to IAS, IFRS and GAAP standards. Soft drive system takes into account the different reporting standards and forms per country. The soft drive technology respects all accounting and reporting standards.

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