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BFIN SASU, a French research company in IT security, with Bitss providing ultimate cyber security for networks, dedicated servers, WP database protection including the Bitss secured client contact page that prevents scamming and other threats, and Bobosoho SaaS software and soho hosting services 

BFIN Cyber Security and Research Software

Research software advancement, cyber security, firewall security, secured hosting, and website design creation and maintenance. And research in facilitating data processing via applications.

Our bitss cyberwall and cyber firewall software builds a closed door, our software fusion into your server, network entry for admin, login for clients and users laptop fights off intrusion, be safe secure your hosting services to BFIN and purchase the bitss firewall software for ultimate security.

BFIN IT experts IN RESEARCH & Development seeking secured solutions de cyber security.

Our Services

Bitss cyber Security, Research and Development

We Specialize in IT Research. BFIN bitss cyberwall and cyber firewall, ensuring Cyber security products for networks, dedciated server and WP admin security, protecting databases and ensuring continued performance

Bobosoho web Hosting & Server

Bobosoho has vast experience in WordPress website development, management, maintenance, woo commerce and more. Alongside, WordPress Maintenance Services.We are experienced in WordPress website development, management, maintenance, woo commerce and more. Alongside, WordPress Maintenance Services.

Bobosoho website Development

Bobosoho provides flexible, and affordable web design and development services for you. You can choose your dream framework/language with us for the development.

Bobosoho wordPress Development & Management

Bobosoho SaaS team is experienced in WordPress website development, management, maintenance, woo commerce and more. Alongside, WordPress Maintenance Services.

Bobosoho SaaS white label - cost effective business startup

Bobosoho provides flexible, and affordable SaaS design and development services for you. Try the Bobosoho white label products a cost effective way of starting your IT SaaS business online from anywhere. You can choose your own branded SaaS business dream and build your own branded business.

Bfin Retail, the Bfin group also invests in secured online retailing, product development, manufacture and distribution

for 3 D manufacturing Contact us or send us your prototype we will under strict confidentiality contract, scan, produce it until it is exactly what your require, we will then manufacture under licence and manage all IT distribution, this is website creation, maintenance, secured hosting with bfin firewall and cyber verification system, and provide online sales management and client and product support. Includes shipping to your clients. Visit Bfin retail for our cameleasy products, saddles for droamdaires, camels, lama, cow.... Our retail brands kcorral and cameleasy.

Bfin product software development and website creation design maintenance, 3D manufacturing and distributors For Branded Products:

  • The Bfin Bitss cyber security.
  • Bobosoho SaaS software products

  • CamelEasy products

Connect to BFIN for IT hosting security and security,  maintenance management.

Require Product distribution support, 3D manufacturing, product distribution and support, website maintenance, website upgrading, cyber security, then talk to bfin.

Secured hosting with BFIN firewall protection and backup to an alternative data-centre for absolute protection, cloning websites for protection, ensuring uptime and users safety.

BFIN Software creation, support and distribution. Improving and developing  processing methods, security via SaaS application | cloud.

BFIN tangible product 3D development with intelligent software scanning complemented option to distribute, manufacture and provide all pertaining IT secured hosting, website development, cyber certification and management. All with intelligent secured auto data processing features to facilitate businesses.

GET YOUR PRODUCT WEBSITE, HOSTING, CYBER SECURITY SUPPORT, 3D design and manufacturing for IT distribution management NOW…

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If you need support or have any query, contact us at support@bfin.company; bfin@bobosohomail.com  or Skype: bfin.ltd .We will reply you with in 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday and with in 48 hours from Friday to Saturday.