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Small IFRS Accounting Services

small payroll service

Enroll For 3 months and get 15% discount

payroll service

Enroll For 6 months and get 20% discount

micro payroll

Enroll For 12 months and get 33% discount


IFRS software 350€$£ monthly

1050€$£ quarterly

3360€ Yearly


IFRS service quoted after client briefing.





Software option only  Includes :


12 months

Paid yearly

From 2nd to 10 th payslip

Add on as requirement

6€$£ per payslip monthly

11th to 20th payslip

Add on as requirement

4€$£ per payslip monthly

20th to + payslip

Add on as requirement

2€$£ per payslip monthly

Software  GL base technical accounting software with IFRS module Add payslip as required Add payslip as required Add payslip ad required
Multi users
Multi language
– translated via translator dedicated to 15 languages
Multi currency
Bank transfer

– EasyBooks will transfer your staff salary to your account

Account access

– To view your payslip details

First payslip creation

– On 48 hours notification

Inscribe now
Send staff details by emails
Payslip generated weekly or monthly

– On fixed given dates 48 hours notifications

Payslip digital reporting

– Quarterly & monthly as required by your government


Request IFRS Service appointment to discuss details of the service you need

Request IFRS Service Appointment to discuss details of the service you need






BFIN IFRS contracting service at your premises and via internet online. Call 0033666100010 for expert advice and IFRS services.

Assign BFIN to assist with your IFRS reporting at your premises, short and medium-term assignments IFRS, AML and compliance contracts specific to your needs. Or subscribe to our IFRS – Accounting software and benefit from our support services ( covering IFRS, GL accounting (IAS), GRC Governance/risk/compliance, including AML).

Or process your accounts with BFIN Group – softdrive GL base accounting software integrating IFRS – reporting features made easy:

A complete IFRS – GL Accounting software


IFRS accounting software


Process your accounting with BFIN softdrive software, continued updates free, with support services. The GL base and IFRS standards for reporting come with full integration of the IFRS regulations, policies, and IAS standards. Today in certain countries IFRS IAS accounting standards have been extended to Small and medium (SME) enterprises. Large companies have grown due to their financial management policies (IFRS/IAS). So why wait! Cultivate your reporting and accounting over time, ensuring it is embedded into your operational strategy and finance policy.

The GL base expands to your business size with unlimited access and transactional processing.

IFRS is obliged in certain countries even for SME and is gaining momentum internationally for it’s adoption by all governments. Incorporating it now, reduces cost and ensures compliance standards are met. Today fines for non compliance can be large enough to reduce a companies profits and cash flow to zero.

Features :

Financial statement – Statement of financial position – Comprehensive income – Change of equity – Cash flow statement. IAS conform accounting policies. Compliance GRC.


all updates for IFRS included, as for IAS regulated updates. Subscriptions are paid quarterly.

Once subscribed: Clients must forward the previous year report. The Financial statements (BL) should include a two year comparison , Trial balance, and P&L/comprehensive Income reports. Note send the last two year reporting statements if changing for the first time. IFRS users to forward the last full year report – last financial statements of financial position, statements of Comprehensive Income, statements of cash flows and statements of changer in equity and related notes. Including comparative information for all statements presented. Noting that statements cover a comparison over two years minimum for existing users and for new users we would incorporate your GAAP financial statements (BL) into the software. Further we would require a full list of your GL account numbers/name tags to process your chart of accounts into the softdrive IFRS Accounting software

The BFIN team will then formulate your software within 30 days, updated to your chart of accounts, opening balances and integrate all the pertaining parameters. Once received your software will be synchronized and ready to use. The support is continued with updated on IFRS, practical guide and implementations. No hidden cost. For those changing in the course of the accounting year, forward a full detailed GL. We will process those transactionnel balances or each line as requested by you.

Product details & features :

The software comes with full integration of the IFRS – GL accounting (IAS) policies and regulations, compliance included.

Includes help and notes