White Label Features, Benefits & Prices


We take pleasure in personally detailing below all details pertaining to the SoftDrive white label membership.

  • Membership features and benefits
  • Membership prices

Membership features and benefits:

  • Implementation of your chart of accounts into your dedicated database and from here all accounts you issue will receive that chart.
  • The SoftDrive team on demand will synchronize your selected reporting format BL, P&L, Sales Tax and company tax returns into your unique software database.
  • Going further the team will connect your software direct to your reporting tax office for digital reporting and for each respective client if they have different tax centers.
  • Committed members may sell across borders and multi brand their products
  • Unique bulk prices with no increase for 2 years. Yearly increase if applied based on the consumer price index

White Label Wholesale Prices:

All upgrades are immediate, upgrade to the next membership level immediately and benefit from that subscriptions dedicated software prices on new orders immediately. Past orders will remain at order price.

Product Name Standard
Yearly Membership Fee 60.00 $ £ € 108.00 $ £ € 1950 $ £ €
Software Packages Prices Monthly Standard Monthly Price 162.50 $ £ € monthly
paid yearly 1950 $ £ €
All/Any Per Invoicing software issued by member 1.00 € $ £ 0.50 € $ £ Included Unlimited
All/Any GL Per accounting software issued by member 2.00 € $ £ 1.00 € $ £ Included Unlimited
Per Payroll 5, 10, & 25 software issued by member 3.00 € $ £ 2.00 € $ £ Included Unlimited
SoftDrive Website Directory Listing —– Included Included Unlimited
Admin panel Included Included Included Unlimited
Payment Buttons
Partners should do a first top up of 50 € $ £ with membership fee to issue a software.

Standard Membership Fee

Committed Membership Fee

Unlimited Subscription Fee

**Payment of software: Members software issues are deducted from top up account. Minimum top up 50 with a retaining balance of 10. Top Up with membership payment to issue software. SoftDrive will raise a monthly invoice on software issued and debit your top up balance.

Top Up Button

Dedicated Services Standard Member
Committed Member
Unlimited Member
Unique chart accounts Integration to main frame 245.00 € $ £ Included Included
Integrate members payment system for client renewal(Existing integrated software feature) Included Included Included
Support direct Skype and other support functions Included Included Included
Dedicated local digital reporting for member and each respective client locally to one tax center. Included Included Included
Dedicated international digital reporting for member per country integration of API to clients local tax center. (Additional centers at 100 € £ $ per connection) 45.00$£€ Included
Principal connection to local member tax centers for each respective client. Included Included Included
International connection to other tax centers. (International connection at 125.00 € £ $) 75.00 $ £ € Included
Synchronize your selected reporting (member to provide dedicated format) BL, P&L, Sales Tax and company tax returns. Members clients to receive same when software is created. 75.00 € $ £ Included Included
Minimum top up. 50.00 $ £ € 50.00 $ £ € Not Applicable
Web product page design (sent to you on word- limited to one page) 50.00 $ £ € Included Included
SoftDrive Technology application for accounting and payroll allows customer to log in from any device.

Included Included Included
Admin panel Included in
membership fee
Included in
membership fee
Included in
membership fee