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BoboSoho PLC
GL Accouting Software || Micro Accounting Services || BFIN Group
Head Office for the BoboSoho Bfin group of Companies.
Financial Management and Compliance Experts Developing Brands.
Facilitating data processing via applications : software created by Bfin.


Our Work

SoftDrive researching and developing to improve processing methods via application | cloud.

Our Financial Accounting and Office Processing Products: GL Accounting, Online Invoicing APP/cloud based, Payroll, Payroll HR, Master payroll, White label platform for professionals servicing the industry.

All with intelligent auto data processing features to facilitate businesses.

Our Products

Our SoftDrive Financial Accounting and Payroll Processing application | software products


SoftDrive IAS-IFRS


About Us

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We facilitate data processing with our applications :
Software created by bfin for Financial products.
Office & Hosting white label brands and medical           data processing by mobile device applications.

Financial Products

GL Accounting, Payroll, Payroll HR Extension,             Invoice Application, IFRS.

Why Choose Us?

Providing efficient software and financial reports expert guidance and service within compliance needs. At BFIN we have just that. Ensuring your IFRS, and other GAAP financial reports are managed by our specialist experts to ensure you maintain momentum, profits and cash flow. Taking over a business, a high-end residential or commercial property, makes it a walk in the park with our service support and processing and reporting software. At BFIN we are here to help you.


If you need support or have any query, contact us at finbco@gmail.com or skype: bfin.ltd .We will reply you with in 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday and with in 48 hours from Friday to Saturday.

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